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Celtic Dreams
Alice Valatine Beckstrom - Director of Katy Chamber Chorus

Celtic Dreams is a compilation of beautiful and lively love songs 
from long-ago and far-away. The songs celebrate 
romantic love, parental love, unrequited love, lusty love and love of life. 
I hope that as you listen, you'll dream your own Celtic Dreams of love.

Black is the Colour of my True Love's Hair
Alice Beckstrom and Sarah Clark with Sally Easley, Halley Gibb & Anna Snyder
Andrew Beckstrom, Wyatt Canady & Gus Pollock
Barbara Allen-
Alice & Andrew Beckstrom
Auld Lang Syne-
Andrew Beckstrom
All Through the Night-
Alice Beckstrom and Sarah Clark with Sally Easley, Hallie Gibb, Alyssa Perez & Anna Snyder
Gathering Peascods-
Alice Beckstrom, Sarah Clark, Sally Easley & Bethany Jarman
Four Green Fields-
Andrew Beckstrom and Gus Pollock with Wyatt Canady on concertina
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